Visual Diary • NYC Cheesecake

This was my first time making NYC Cheesecake and I am so happy the way it turned out! I heard warnings that it would crack in certain circumstances but I made sure to google all the tips and tricks to prevent that from happening. 

Here are some of the tips I think that helped:

  • 15 minutes at 450 degrees F; 1 hour at 200-250 degrees (adjust depending on your oven)
  • While mixing, scrape the side of bowl to prevent cream cheese streaks
  • Add one ingredient at a time, including each egg
  • Cool in oven, turned off overnight with door closed, refrigerate in the morning for several hours

The base recipe I used was from Smitten Kitchen. I might've made a couple tweaks to their recipe like their temperature recommendations (since I used a teflon springform baking pan where the temperature limit is 450 degrees) and not using orange zest, but it still tastes great! This cheesecake turns out super heavy and dense. 



Visual Diary • Thanksgiving 2015

From today's Thanksgiving meal prep...


Special thanks to my calligrapher friend / Copperplate master, Ben for allowing me to be a recipient of such fine craftmanship. My first custom oblique pen and I must say it's the most comfortable pen to hold. 

My new travel companion

I've been l neglecting my canon dslr for awhile now. I used to take it with me everywhere I go but it has become too much to carry around. I've been relying on my iPhone to capture all my visual documentation, however, I miss the quality and power that my dslr offers... the power of bokeh.

After weeks of contemplation, I decided to invest in a Fujifilm x100t! A small yet powerful point and shoot size, 35mm f/2 camera. Although I'm not a professional photographer, it's something I love to do, capture moments.. So I decided that this passion is well worth the hefty pricetag. I received my new gear a couple weeks ago, and I can proudly say that I do not regret my purchase! It's so perfect with the beautifully subtle film feel it gives the images, not to mention the WiFi capabilities has made accessing the photos from the camera a BREEZE. 

Here are some macro shots I took - No additional edits made: 

photo 3.JPG

"You are my otter half"

I've always dreamed of starting a small stationary line of my own. Every time I scroll through my Instagram feed and 'liked' the work of illustrators I admired, a big part of me wanted to live this life of whimsy. So one day, I decided to stop daydreaming and told myself "Why not me?! Let's do it!" 

So here I am with my first illustration for my Otters & Friends series :) Enjoy!


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L.A. Nights

A series mixing type + image. This is a photo-series I've always wanted to do for various places I visit. Look forward to new posts coming soon! Enjoy :)