Laserfiche Careers Site Redesign

Role: Lead Web + Graphic Designer

Skills + Methods: Comparative analysis, interviewing recent hires, wireframing, creating a style guide, photographing, building backend structure in WordPress, UI reviewing. 

Goal: To restructure information and give a clean, branded facelift to the former Laserfiche Job site. We wanted to offer insight into company culture and create a sleeker UI for a smoother way to apply for a position.

Project Overview

Laserfiche Careers offers a glimpse of what it would be like to work at Laserfiche. Potential applicants can get a brief overview of what Laserfiche is all about, benefits they'd receive, current employee testimonies, filterable job listings, list of upcoming career fairs, blog posts about life at Laserfiche, and ability to apply directly to job positions.


In 2014, we completely redesigned Laserfiche Careers. The last time it’d been redesigned was 2007 with minimal updates. We knew that in order to get quality employees to apply, we needed a quality site to better reflect our modernizing company and also make the site responsive.  

 Laserfiche Careers Site before the redesign

Laserfiche Careers Site before the redesign

Problems to tackle in the redesign

Too many pages for a simple website
To get more similar information, users would have to navigate to another page. 

Old website format
The layout of the website was a very traditional site structure with no flexibility to display information in an intriguing way. 

Dated branding
The look and feel was very dated and muted. 

The site was not responsive
For a site that is geared towards new tech-savvy college graduates, the site was not mobile responsive. 

Competitive Research

Performed internal research and competitive analysis
We began by doing some competitive research to analyze common patterns found amongst job sites and by interviewing a small pool of recent hires and interns about their application experience with Laserfiche. 


Restructured site map

Once we got an understanding of their specific needs and habits, I drew up a site structure that would work with the given feedback from our internal interviews. 



I created wireframes to make sure we had all the right components, functionality, and worked responsively. Then printed out paper prototypes and asked people to navigate through it to see what didn't work and continued tweaking the design from there. 


Visual Design

The color palette for the redesign is from the purple palette in the official brand guidelines, the palette we use for most of the Laserfiche recruiting collateral. I wanted the overall style to be clean and simple with a hint of playfulness so that it can appeal to our target audience: millennial college graduates. 



  • Responsive Site: We designed the site to be responsive since many are accessing job searches through their mobile phones. For mobile screens, we decided which elements were most important and tweaked the UI so that it is still a seamless experience. In this example, we have a 'Reset Filter' button when the screen goes mobile to make it easier for the user to clear their current search.

 Job listings page on mobile phone

Job listings page on mobile phone

  • Site Navigation Structure: We organized the order of the site to flow better, where job listings would appear towards to end, after the potential applicant would see all of the company information and benefits we have to offer.

  • Interactive elements: We wanted the site to be more engaging so we included some delightful elements such as being able to hovering over or tapping an employee’s photo to display a different pose and to reveal more information or a quote.

  • Job filtering: Previously, there was no way of filtering by department or location, so we included that capability.

 Before the redesign

Before the redesign

 After the redesign

After the redesign

  • Blog: We added this new feature by integrating a WordPress blog for recruiters to be able to showcase some of the exciting company events that were held at the company as well as tips on how to land the job and employee or intern spotlights.