Hi! I'm Tiffany.

Currently, I work in the Irvine, CA as a Senior Web Designer. My greatest drive for design is to create intuitive and delightful experiences for the users.

Through my experience as a visual designer, I've gained an exploratory and clean minimalistic approach for my designs. I begin by delving into the topic of what I am designing and then allowing the creative juices to flow based on the foundations of my research and exploration. I believe this allows my design to be thoughtful, practical, applicable, and importantly, visually appealing. The most important thing I have learned as a designer is that designs are discovered in the process. Great designs do not just take form on their own; it takes lots of scratch paper, edits, undoes, and redoes to arrive to its final destination.

On my free time, you can find me doodling with a pen and paper, signing up for my next 5k/half marathon, taking photos of my surroundings, sitting at a coffee shop, or planning my next travel adventures.

My Process

Market Research  >  Brainstorm & Planning + User Interviews  >  Sketch + Mock ups  >  Prototype  >  User Testing  >  Repeat Last Two Steps  >  Visual Design


Work Experience

Sr. Web Designer, Marketing at HireRight Inc., April 2016 - Present

Graphic Designer, UX & Product Development at Laserfiche, April 2012 - April 2016


Freelance, Tiffany Hahn Design

HolyWave Ministry of Sarang Community Church, January 2013 - January 2019

Anomera, Inc., 2017

Wedding Stationery Design, CCL Weddings, June 2013 - March 2016

Molecular Matrix, Inc., September 2011 - January 2012, May 2014

Davis Korean Church, September 2009 - December 2011



B.A. in Design Visual Communication, Communication minor at University of California, Davis.



User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Web Design, Logo Identity, Stationery Design.

I'm always open to new and unique projects!