Laserfiche Discussions

Project Overview

Laserfiche Discussions began when we saw there was  a need for a social community platform where our customers can ask questions, connect, share ideas, and learn. This platform gives users the ability to collaborate with the right audience and subscribe to relevant topics.

The application also integrates with other Laserfiche products by allowing storage of posts into the Laserfiche repository and discussions surrounding a document. It communicates with Laserfiche Directory Server to obtain user information and has posts pushed out as an FAQ on Laserfiche Forms. 

I was the Lead UI/UX designer since the project launch back in 2012. It began as a simple Q&A site exclusively for Laserfiche, but over the years, the vision of it grew to expand into a product of its own, intended to enhance the experience of Laserfiche.

I worked directly with the Product Owner, Project Manager, Developers, and QA Engineers. I also worked with my core UX team to ensure product consistency and to obtain feedback on various features.  

Role: UI/UX Designer & Graphic Designer

Timeframe: August 2012 - April 2016

Methods & Skills: Research, user interview, usability test, hosting design brainstorm sessions, wireframe, prototype, style guide, icons, UI review

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, inVision App

New feature on-boarding

New feature on-boarding

New feature on-boarding screens

New feature on-boarding screens


Often times, I am informed about a user's need, problem, or a potentially useful feature. Before simply adding a new feature, I research what the best practices are and brainstorm alternative ideas to resolve the issue. I conduct user interviews to discover current pain points of our users and come up with recommendations to eliminate those areas. 



Wireframe + Prototyping

I then build paper/digital prototypes in Adobe Illustrator and InVision to test my designs and reiterate based on the feedback. In this wireframe example, I needed to come up with a solution for avoiding multiples of the same question being posted onto the site from the homepage. After researching, I found some sites came up with the solution of forcing a user to go through a search step before allowing them to post their question. I thought this would not be a friendly experience as it is a diversion and extra step for the user. Instead, I thought having the system automatically run a search for the user within the context of where they are working would be a more convenient experience. This will give the them the power to decide whether or not they'd like to search deeper or continue to work on their post.


Example of wireframe for the groups list page.


User Feedback

When a new feature is implemented, we try to validate our design solutions through internal and external usability studies. I develop a usability study script and run a pilot test with a designer from the UX team. We run the pilot test to ensure that the wording is clear and would not lead to biased answers. As one person is running the script, the other person is noting all the observations of the user's behavior. The UX Team has a user pool of current customers who previously volunteered to take part is user studies, so I schedule a remote meeting with a random user and use GoToWebinar to record their screen and actions while they verbally walk me through their process. 

After the user study, we take the feedback and begin to analyze our findings and observations. We then prioritize them and present them to the product team, along with possible improvements. The Scrum Master then adds them into the backlog or sprint. 


Visual Design

After establishing all the proper functionality and behavior of the feature, I go into Photoshop and create pixel perfect comps with specs for the developers to implement with guidelines for the style based on the style guide. I am also responsible for the iconography and build them out in SVG so we have a Laserfiche Discussions font library in Fontastic


UI Review

Once developers are finished with initial implementation and styling, I will go in and review the user interface to ensure all the behavior is correct and to ensure the quality of the style.